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Annual Compliance

Canada's complex, multi-layered, and continuously changing tax laws present a significant tax compliance challenge to companies doing business in Canada. Whether your business is Canadian based or a foreign company with operations in our country, you could benefit from knowledgeable advice on the vast spectrum of tax concerns.
Companies, ranging from owner-managed businesses to major Canadian and multinational enterprises, should satisfy their Canadian and, where applicable, US and international tax reporting obligations efficiently and cost-effectively.

We can be certain that cities around
the world will compete for the jobs
that the next revival of the financial
services industry will bring.

 Fortunately, Canadian businesses have many options to enhance their tax status and help lower their overall tax burdens. Our tax professionals work closely with you to examine all of your reporting requirements. Lardner Nixon LLP Chartered Accountants can help you:
  • Enhance your business’ tax accounting methods and systems
  • Enhance the benefits of tax deferral or expedite your expense claims
  • Prepare tax and information returns, tax elections, estimates, ruling requests, voluntary disclosure requests, and other correspondence with federal and provincial tax authorities
  • Respond to audit requests from federal and provincial tax authorities, and effectively manage a tax audit and related negotiations with the authorities.