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Client Services Overview

The benefits of working with Lardner & Company Chartered Professional Accountants as outlined below are exclusive to our customers. At their root, they offer a simplified means of exchanging secure and confidential financial information; and sharing important financial knowledge & tax information with our clients. 
To learn more or to better understand how to take advantage of these benefits, talk to us by phone (705-727-0763) or e-mail (

Financial Information Transfer (FIT)

FIT iconFinancial Information Transfer (or FIT for short) allows for the secure exchange of confidential financial information between Lardner & Company and its clients. The information exchanged can take the form of monthly reporting of tax information, receiving monthly adjustments to your financial statements, journal entries, customized financial proposals, business valuations, business plans, tax audit information and more. Only you and senior accounting staff have access to this confidential information.  If you have not received your log in information or you are not sure simply call to request your private and secure access to these valuable resources.  

Finance Resources

Finance Resources iconThis includes a customized set of forms and worksheets that help our customers prepare business plans, annual taxes preparations & filing, tax audit preparation, business valuations, financial planning,  estate planning, succession planning and more. Our customers can quickly and easily download these forms and worksheets from our site once logged in.  Simply log in and select the resource you want to download. If you do not have a password or username or you are not sure  simply call to request your access information.

Business Development

Business Development iconWe share in-depth and timely financial advice and insight through new media presentations available in this section for our clients only. All presentations are developed by Lardner & Company Chartered Professional Accountants. The selected topics reflect the concerns and needs expressed by our clients. We encourage clients to view and interact with these presentations and provide us with feedback, and suggestions on future topics. These presentations include insight from our senior accounting staff on issues that can affect personal and business decision making.
Talk to us by phone (705-727-0763) or e-mail ( and provide us with ideas on topics, presentations, forms or information you would like to see on the web site.