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Business Valuations

Business valuations involving family dynamics can create complex issues relating to tax liabilities, sale of assets, investment, etc.  We have a great deal of experience working with family members who have varying interests in businesses and we seek to communicate clearly with all parties and establish a clear step by step process.
 Armed with that valuation you can address tax assessments, regulatory compliance, and investor disputes with confidence. The valuation provides you with an objective, fair and unbiased assessment of the value of your business.
We work with you to see past the numbers and understand your organizational culture, proprietary technology, product improvement process and growth potential. We help make the numbers work for you in coming to fair and accurate assessment of the value of your business enterprise. 
We work closely with you to help resolve corporate and shareholder disputes and the resolution of matrimonial disputes when considering the valuation of your business and we stand beside you through the process to ensure that the business valuation is comprehensive and fair.