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Financial Proposal

Lardner Nixon LLP, Licensed Public Accountants work with you to access loan or venture capital to finance a new or existing business by helping you develop a sound financial proposal. Your Proposal should include:
  • A brief history of the company
  • The funding needed
  • A detailed explanation of how the funding will be used and repaid
  • Comprehensive information about the company's facilities
  • Description of your  equipment & technology
  • Profile of products and/or services
  • Your production capabilities
  • A description of the markets, competition and sales strategies
  • A profile of company culture and management style & vision
We ask the right questions to understand your company and its goals and we help you prepare a plan that includes financial projections for at least three years of operation. Your plan also includes your company's current financial statements and tax returns for the past three years - if applicable.
A well thought out financial proposal is an important part of the process in ensuring you get the funding required. It tells the potential lender something about your attention to detail and your commitment to due diligence in any financial process.  The following are important influencing factors when thinking about how your financial proposal.
  • The first step in gaining business funding is to prepare a sound financing proposal. 
  • The summary should be brief, but include enough detail to  let he reader know you are serious 
  • All lenders want to know when and how their money is going to be repaid 
  • It is crucial that you provide reference information to speed up the decision-making process 
  • A lender who turns you down may still be able to refer you to another source