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Financial Resources

Financial resources icon This resource is a customized set of forms and worksheets that are updated annually and provided to you to facilitate in preparing business plans, annual taxes preparations and filing, tax audit preparation, business valuations, financial planning,  estate planning, succession planning and more.
We have designed this secure and confidential access to these forms as an added value for our customers. Spending less time on process and more time on people is part of our commitment to you. Our customers can quickly and easily download these forms and worksheets from our site once logged in.  

Remember to keep your password and username confidential.

Chart of Accounts Using GIFI_FINAL.pdf: GIFI stands for General Index of Financial Information. The purpose of the GIFI is to allow the CRA to collect and process financial information more efficiently; for instance, the GIFI lets the CRA validate tax information electronically rather than manually. 

General Corporate Year-End Checklist.pdf: This checklist includes information required in order to complete your Fiscal Year End Financial Statements and Tax Returns.  Please note that some of these items may not apply to your organization. We will only require information which applies to the current fiscal period, and will not require copies of documents already supplied to us.  

General Corporate Information.pdf: The following information is required to assist us in better understanding your business, and to provide us with the corporate information for filing various tax returns with various government agencies. This information is not required if we have this information on file already.

Inheritance Guide.pdf: In the course of our work, we receive inquiries about what to do following the death of a spouse or relative. To ensure that the surviving partner is aware of vital information, we have developed this guide. If you need further help, please contact our office at 705-727-0763 or

Privacy Policy.pdf: We have implemented physical, electronic and organizational measures to help protect clients’ personal information from unauthorized access, unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, or alteration.

Personal Income Tax Questionnaire.pdf: The Personal Income Tax questionnaire will assist you in assembling data for the preparation of your annual taxes. The forms are reviewed annually to ensure they comply with any changing tax filings regulations.   

Rental Income.pdf: This information is designed to assist us in including rental property assets and possible income in your annual tax filing. The information also helps us offer sound advice on finance. Please complete one form for each property.

Self-Employment Income Statement.pdf: This Form is used to calculate your business or professional income as a self-employed person. Use it if you are the only person in the business (sole proprietorship) or if you are in business with one to five other people (partnership).

What to do Following a Death.pdf: Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult. This information sheet contains basic information that the family and legal representative should know to start settling the affairs of the deceased person. 

Commission Expense.pdf: An employee completes this form if he or she receives commission income and/or deductible employment expenses annually. 

WSIB Construction Rules Summary .pdf: Most businesses in Ontario that employ workers are covered by the WSIB. Under new legislation, independent operators, sole proprietors, some partners in a partnership and some executive officers who work in construction will be required to have WSIB coverage starting in 2013.

WSIB Construction Decision Tree.xls: If you are involved in the construction industry this form is designed to help guide you through the process of determining how and when to apply WSIB coverage.

T1135 Foreign Reporting form.pdf: Taxpayers in Canada who, at any time during the year, own specified foreign property costing more than $100,000 need to file Form T1135 annually. Penalties for not filing by the deadline are $25/day, up to $2,500/year.