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Balancing day-to-day operating requirements while maintaining a strategic mindset has never been more of a challenge. Executives are inundated with data and an ever-increasing demands and ressposibilities creating considerable liability for any business.  We work with each company or organization to understand the culture, identify the challenges and recommend sound financial solutions that create value for the company over the long term.
Our strategic advisory services and sound financial advise are focused on helping you maintain this balance and benefit in today’s competitive market place by covering such complex support services as financial planning, business valuations, due diligence, tax compliance, productivity ,  succession planning, risk management , mergers and acquisitions,  and more.

Providing sound advise to small business demands experience and an understanding of the unique issues facing small business. Lardner Nixon LLP, Licensed Public Accountants has been working with small business for over 15 years. We have in-depth experience in a broad range of industries and perhaps more importantly we understand that people that work in those industries.  Whether your business needs one time situational financial guidance or requires advice on a series of complex issues we have the depth of knowledge to help guide your business.