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Succession Planning

You’ve invested a great deal of your time, planning and effort to build your business and committed substantial financial resources. Building your enterprise has been challenging and rewarding but in the life cycle of any business it is always prudent to consider if and when you should sell your business to allow you to benefit from the rewards of your hard work. It is inevitable, that at some point your business will perhaps be owned by a competitor, a family member, a progressive minded employee or an investor.

Often such decisions can be overwhelming as you juggle the demands of a new buyer or buyers, expectations within your own organization, determine the true value of your enterprise and learn about what steps you have to take to ensure you benefit from a smooth transition.

You have to pretend that your
life is a financial pleasure even
when your autographs are bouncing.


Our team, our experience and our understanding of you business allow us to walk through the process with you, guiding you and offering you the opportunity to make decisions that are in your best interest. Succession planning is a long term process that demands sound advise and a great financial advisor.

At Lardner Nixon LLP Chartered Accountants have experience across a number of business sectors ranging from agriculture and manufacturing to construction, personal services and technology. In addition to our senior accounting professionals  we also bring specialized succession planning n partners to table to offer you a unique solution to your unique business situation.