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We work with our manufacturing clients to help them understand productivity, new technology issues, financial responsibilities, short and long term financial objectives and risk management; by measuring performance and  applying our extensive experience in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution industries to create  a unique financial plan for growth.  Whether its regional, national or international guidance …we scale our solutions to unique business-to-business verticals or large scale production that helps take you to the next level.
We’re dedicated to serving the communities in which we live and work and we’re proud to support charitable and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations realize their potential.  Working with not-for-profit organizations is more than just numbers it includes an understanding of increased effectiveness, organizational maturity and clearly defined leadership goals.  Our extensive experience in working with national and regional organizations provides us with a unique insight into their goals and commitment. Our clients include: charitable organizations, associations, healthcare providers, schools, colleges and universities, community service organizations, and private clubs.

If you do build a great experience,
customers tell each other about that.
Word of mouth is very powerful.

Today’s’ Professional environment has become more complex as regulatory financial demands, evolving technology and broadening communications has created a difficult business environment for the professional services firm, while service level expectations have increased creating both more strain on resources. Lardner Nixon LLP offers sound financial guidance and seeks to work one on one with each organization to provide year round support on a variety of issues …and not just a tax time. Strong financial advice and sound business acumen however, are still key influencing factors in creating profitable and progressive professional services firms. We have worked with veterinary and medical professionals, physical therapy, real-estate and financial planning professionals to name only a few.
Canada’s rapidly changing economic environment is presenting automotive firms with a unique set of challenges. Age-old infrastructures are under siege from new automotive technologies and client expectations. An aging workforce is being replaced by a younger generation with a new work ethic, different motivations and revised expectations. An increasingly demanding client base is resulting in escalating risk and liabilities. Firms without sound business plans and experienced financial advice risk losing market share and business value.
Construction can be a very cyclical business given the Canadian climate.  Workforce skill, and its availability create “turnover” within the industry. How do you then develop strategies to deliver completed projects to market on-time and on-budget?  It’s about balancing growth. It’s about developing a solid management team, planning for the future and acting on these plans. It’s about finding and grooming future leaders and growing them from within. While these issues present significant barriers they also present remarkable opportunity - learn to embrace change with a sound financial plan. 

Shifts in consumer preferences can affect retail markets overnight.  Predicting growth and stabilizing revenue streams within the retail environment demand more focus than ever on sound financial decisions making. As the Canadian consumer markets industry transforms, companies should explore new strategies to stay in the game. Access to a variety of distribution channels, access to new markets, innovative products, cost containment and the streamlining of the entire value chain can be critical. We work closely with our clients to help them understand the implications and develop scaled solutions that are unique for your business.
Business cycles with technology related products or services offer a very short window of opportunity and factor as such as time-to-market, cost of production and delivery of services, Product convergence and evolution, Customer retention and Operational efficiency have a profound effect on the success rations for such companies. We offer sound, timely financial advice with day to day support that helps you focus on what you do best.
We work with a range of large scale and small scale farms that include greenhouse operations. We understand the family tradition established in farming and the need to include succession planning, valuations and estate planning. Including these allows group of individual owned farms to more easily transfer the value of a farm tpo the next generation or to and external buyer.
Personal Support Services
This customer category is unique among clients in that it provides front line support for disabled people and seniors and can include large scale facilities or small customer driven businesses and can demand significant investment in training and facilities.  As our population ages, the need for such personal support services will continue to increase creating a significant opportunities. Sound financial guidance, prudent risk management and tax compliance support will play an important role in this growing sector.