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Welcome to Lardner Nixon LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

We earn your trust and take the time to build our relationship with you. Our top accounting professionals work with you from day one, asking the right questions and applying our depth of experience to your unique financial needs. We offer guidance and insight into a broad cross-section of financial & accounting issues that affect you and your company today and tomorrow.

We Have Answers.    

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Accounting & Finance        
With a solid foundation of accounting and business knowledge, we proactively provide a range of business, taxation and accounting services including tax audits, business valuations, financial planning, risk management, financial statement preparation, estate planning, succession planning and business & financial/accounting advise.
We Understand Business    
 The companies we work with are more than business enterprises …they are challenging, they are opportunity, they are family, they are the past … and they are the future. We help you make the most out of your business enterprise by taking care of the details and the big picture with sound financial guidance, in-depth tax knowledge, recommendations on benchmark accounting processes and insight on successful business management practices.

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You've Got Questions! 

Our Experience
 We work across a variety of business and not for profit sectors, allowing us to apply our wide ranging business acumen to your unique circumstances. We have only one team of capable, senior finance and accounting professionals and that team works with you every step of the way. We stand beside you when you are be dealing with complex Canada Revenue Agency issues … or guide you through difficult business transitions …or consult on complex day to day financial business enterprise issues on a national or international level.



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